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Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures “The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture.”
-Edgar Schein, Award Winning Author and Professor MIT Sloan School of Management

Strong and enduring results are almost always rooted in great organizational culture. Whether you run a business, a ball team or a Board of Education, creating a better culture will help you improve performance. Our promise and our guarantee is that our Perfect 10 SolutionTM will provide you with sustainable, improved, bottom line results.

Perect 10 Corporate Culture Growth Rate Chart 11 Year Growth Rates for Business based on corporate culture

11 Year Growth Rate

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Our founder, Lynne Ruhl, produced a global revolution in the highly competitive world of Olympic Gymnastics, though she didn't set out to do so. By focusing on a few, core, human truths, she transformed an industry and, in the process, produced Olympic Gold Medalists.