Workshops - Building Trust

What builds trust between people? What builds trust in an organization? What breaks trust down? What is it like to work or live in an environment where people do NOT trust one another? These are critical questions. We are a society that longs to work for and live with people who can be trusted. Research is clear… organizations where trust has been established with employees and customers have a definite competitive advantage. But, trusting relationships DO NOT just evolve naturally. We have developed a highly effective formula that insures the development of trust. It’s possible; it’s powerful; it’s permanent; and it’s the basis of this course.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Apply the simple but profound formula for effective trust building
  • Develop the skills needed to become a catalyst for the development of trust in all organizations in which they participate
  • Shape organizational guidelines for each component of the trust building formula
  • Become aware of the common pit-falls that might undermine their trust building efforts
  • Move forward with clarity and confidence to be more effective trust builders, and to bring the energy and passion to make the difference