Workshops - Dare To Confront

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “confrontation”? You probably don’t think of anything pleasant. We would like to suggest that the only way to have an effective workplace where people feel safe, understood, empowered and encouraged is an environment where the skill of healthy, appropriate confrontation is known and practiced.

Many organizations struggle with attitude problems, inappropriate behaviors (like gossip, rumor, “triangling”), lack of responsibility and other frustrating interpersonal issues. This workshop has answers for you!

Building on the skills learned in Listen and Empower, Dare to Confront promises to give you confidence to lead and live your life with integrity, and to help others in a powerful and healthy way.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Experience a paradigm shift in what is believed about "confrontation"
  • Develop the skills to hold people accountable
  • Become comfortable with the skill needed to effectively confront four kinds of behavioral issues
  • Discover the importance and the skill necessary to keep relationships "clean"
  • Expose inappropriate behaviors and learn how to effectively stop them in ourselves and others
  • Identify and handle incivility and bullying in the workplace