Inspiring Courage: Dare To Confront

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “confrontation”? Probably nothing pleasant. However, confrontation avoidance is at the center of every toxic culture.

The only way to have an effective workplace where people feel safe and empowered is to develop an environment where issues are addressed timely through healthy confrontation. Appropriate confrontation nips problems in the bud before they have time to grow into full blown conflicts!

To obtain the courage to confront, we need to develop skill. This workshop will help you do just that! Whether it's:

  • giving ongoing feedback
  • confronting discrepancies and frustrating interpersonal issues
  • dealing with inappropriate behaviors (gossip, rumors, etc.)

...there are principles you can learn that promise to give you the courage to live your life with integrity and inspire others in a powerful and healthy way.

Attendees will:

  • Experience a paradigm shift in what is believed about "confrontation"
  • Learn to expose inappropriate behaviors and effectively stop them in ourselves and others
  • Develop the skill of giving effective feedback
  • Develop the skill needed to effectively confront others in a way they can receive
  • Learn to handle defensive responses people exhibit when being confronted
  • Be inspired to demonstrate the courage to speak up at the right time to the right person