Inspiring Trust

Research is clear...organizations where trust has been established with employees and customers have a definite competitive advantage.

But trusting relationships DO NOT just evolve naturally. It’s an intentional process that requires skill and courage.

We have developed a highly effective formula that ensures the development of trust. By putting this formula into practice, we each have the power to inspire trust in our organizations. It’s possible; it’s powerful; it’s permanent; and it’s the basis of this course.

Attendees will:

  • Become aware of the common pitfalls that might undermine their trust-building efforts

  • Apply the simple but profound formula for effective trust- building

  • Understand the importance of integrity in trusting relationships

  • Learn to reduce wondering and worry through seeking closure

  • Learn to make real commitments and get real commitments from others

  • Be inspired to demonstrate the courage needed to build trust in all relationships in which they participate