Manage Stress & Burnout

Many studies have made it clear that the leading source of stress for adults is their work. The problem of job stress has become so widespread and severe it is now described by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization as a "global epidemic," with no occupation and no nation proving to be exempt.

But there’s good news: Research continually reaffirms that we can have more control over the effects of stress on our lives than most people realize. Manage Stress & Burnout will give you the skill and insight to change the destructive pattern of enduring unnecessary stress, and to establish the healthful lifestyle of effective stress management.

Stress and burnout are not the same. The management of stress and burnout require different skill sets. Effective management tools for both will be taught… and it will be FUN as well!

Attendees will:

  • Recognize the significant differences between stress and burnout
  • Understand what causes stress
  • Hone "problem ownership" skills and identify when others are trying to give us their "monkeys"
  • Identify the difference between being responsible “for” someone and being responsible “to” someone
  • Identify and uncover the common contributors to burnout
  • Determine the burnout "danger signs"
  • Develop the tools for handling and recovering from burnout
  • Identify symptoms in others and learn how to offer appropriate assistance