Respect - The Foundation

It is almost impossible to read an account written about a champion in business without seeing the impact listening has had on their success. We might surmise that it is almost impossible to be successful without knowing how to listen.

Research continues to show that lack of listening and other communication skills is costing businesses millions of dollars every year. The absence of respect and trust in the workplace results in unhealthy and unproductive work environments. Employees (a company’s most valuable resource) feel undervalued and unappreciated. They are frustrated because they feel misunderstood. They feel a lack of respect and dignity. The result is often high turnover rates, absenteeism, “just enough to get by” attitudes, burnout and more. That’s a shame because it is UNNECESSARY! It is unnecessary because the problem is NOT a lack of desire… it is a lack of skill. Learning to treat one another with respect and dignity establishes a trusting climate. But this does not happen accidentally. It takes skill, the kind of skill that can be learned! 

How will the individuals attending a Listen workshop function differently? What improvement will organizations that participate see in the relational climate of their companies?

Attendees will learn to:

  • Identify invisible barriers to communication
  • Expose destructive verbal responses we all use because we think they are helpful
  • Learn about the impact of non-verbals on effective communication, and develop new strategies
  • Learn the skill of active listening to understand and respond more effectively
  • Realize the importance of respect and trust to the quality of life inside and outside the workplace
  • Develop skill in establishing trust and respect in all relationships