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Strong and enduring results are almost always rooted in great organizational culture. Whether you run a business or a Board of Education, creating a better culture will help you improve performance. The Perfect 10 Solution™ will provide you with the tools to help you achieve sustainable, improved, bottom line results.


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The results of these last six months have been nothing short of a miracle. First, our profitability and sales have made a positive turn. Before they arrived, we were operating in the red and well below our forecasted budget. Our hope was simply to land the year with break-even results. At the close of 2015, after only 5 months of Perfect 10 consulting, we achieved 36% Gross Profit and 11% Net Profit including the fees that we paid for Perfect 10! I believe this change is directly attributed to the hard work with the Perfect 10 team to help bring the best out of our employees and building a culture of love and trust instead of fear and distrust.
— Tim Beatty, President
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(After the work you completed) I can assure you that my Sales Teams in the Eastern and Northeastern Region left the sessions with a “bigger” sense of team, better approaches to problem solving, and a deeper understanding of their customer. This applies to all levels present, including hourly administrative team members through Director level.
— Christopher J. Haller, VP of Sales